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Sourcing Fair coming to Sydney

Book it into your diaries now there is a Sourcing Fair coming to Sydney November 22 to 24. So if you are hunting for offshore manufacturers this would be a great place to start.

More details can be found here


T-shirt design competition

Spotted on the Frankie mag blog  in the past few weeks a great t-shirt design competition.

Head on over to ArtPark to get more details on how to get your t-shirt design featured.

1 thing Friday – Sydney Tweed Ride

This week am sharing with you a great event that I have created the last 3 years, it’s the Sydney Tweed Ride. The idea is that you get all dressed up in tweed, wools, plus fours, cycling capes the whole lot and head off for a jaunty ride through the city before ending up at a picnic and games time. It’s lots of fun and great prizes are on offer. Check out the photos from last year here.

Hope to see you there!

Please help and vote

Today instead of giving some helpful hints and tips I’m going to ask for your help.

My own business has been nominated in the City of Sydney Business Awards.

To be a finalist you need people to vote for you. So could you please spare some time to visit this link and vote for Rocket Fuel. Thank you!

If anyone lives within the boundaries of businesses eligible for the awards please nominate your business and let me know and I’ll put up additional posts so we can all vote for you. It’s good exposure for your brand and you get invites to extra workshops and seminars that the city puts on to help small businesses.

Events to go to – Vivid Sydney

This week Sydney kicks off the Vivid festival.

It is one of my favourite festivals of the year combining light, sound, performances and amazing events on new ways of marketing, selling, design and other creative thought processes in it’s talks series.

I strongly urge everyone to try and get along to at least some of the talks that are on over the course of the festival there are some really remarkable ones being held. Check out the event page for more details.

Marketing Calendar

Do you have a marketing plan for the entire year? If not why not?
Marketing gets you sales and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune it just needs some planning.
Grab a calendar, diary or use a program like iCal.You need something that shows the entire year and allows you space to write on it.
Now think about your target market.

Is your product aimed at kids? Then how can your product be aimed at kid specific events?
Back to school
Alternative to chocolates at Easter

Or are your target market more likely to be buying product for
Big day out
Schoolies week
School formals

Already working?
Back to work post Christmas
New seasons
New job dress to impress

The more reasons and occasions you can give your customers the more they buy. Find out when school holidays are on, long weekends, mothers day, fathers day, Easter, Christmas and other events that are relevant to your customer.
Once you have identified when these events are on decide what you are offering in your marketing
Free gift wrapping
Express post
New product
Special product offered for limited time only
Buy one get one free
Free gift with purchase
A tutorial
A giveaway
Free download of art, pattern etc

Set up what you are going to do by when. Eg a tutorial needs time to photograph, write the steps etc

Then put it into your marketing calendar when you will release it for that event. If it’s for Christmas then you might want to offer free gift wrapping for a month so your marketing calendar will be marked from mid November onwards to be marketing that additional service for that time period.

Get in now, plan your marketing and track your results. Did a discount work better it worse than a free tutorial? Once you know what works for your customer plan a few more, your loyal customers will reward you with more sales.

What are you planning to market  this year?

Sickness, busy and a new year

Hi Everyone,

Sorry things have been a bit quiet around here. Quick run down on why, firstly I got super busy in my own business (yay!) then I was asked to fly to Melbourne and talk about topics related to my own business (super yay!) and then I got sick. Spent 2 weeks in bed sick and barely managing to eat, sleep and do basics let alone anything on my own business and blogs. Which brings up to now, only a few weeks till Christmas so am flat out organising, making and dispatching products for my business, still slightly sick and trying to fit in a small portion of the usual pre Christmas/end of year madness as well.

Sadly all of that means that you have been missing out on more information with which to get your ideas going on your own businesses. But don’t dispair I’ll be back in the new year with a whole batch of amazing things lined up to help you get your own label started. So bookmark this page and remember to come back and visit ok?

Till then have a wonderful time and for those of you who are taking an actual holiday enjoy it, relax and refresh yourself and get ready for a brand new year of challenges.