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Workshops with Home Industry

Our friends at home industry are doing a series of workshops to help teach people the basics of upholstery.

Their first workshop last weekend was a great success.


They have another one coming up this weekend so get in touch if you’d like to learn some new skills.


Taking the etsy taste test and what it can teach you

I’m trying hard to make more of my purchases from independent designers/makers and crafters.
With so many people from across the world supporting my small business I feel I should return the favour as often as I am able.
One of my favorite places to make purchases is etsy. While it can be a treasure trove of wonder it is hard to wade through or the less than inspiring designs and objects for sale.
Recently I have discovered their taste test tool. From a selection of images you select 9 which you like. This then generates into pages of goods for you to peruse.
The first night I did it was a bit dangerous for my bank account as I found this


And after that decided I should look and not buy just yet until I save up a wish list of special items.
Not only is it fun for shopping I think it’s a great way to connect with your target market. Take the test as if you are your target market and see what it suggests. Are there plenty of designers who’s offering is similar to your yours? Are you under or over pricing yourself?
So take the taste test and do some research ….and perhaps some shopping too?

The Sartorialist interview on BigThink

via The Sartorialist

I’ve spoken about The Sartorialist before and while this interview is long (30+ minutes) it’s a good insight into his work.

Head on over to  BigThink to take a look.

Japan Fashion Guide zine available to buy

Just a reminder the Japan Fashion Guide is available to purchase for $5.00 with hints, tips, guides and styles as seen on our latest trip to Japan. See for yourself why Japan is one of the biggest influences on worldwide fashion.

Twitter for sharing articles

I’m using Twitter more during the week to send out links during the week about articles I’ve read online that are interesting and relevant to starting up your label.

You can find it all @StartYourLabel

Why do brands make it so hard to buy online?

Recently I have been trying to buy a pair of winter boots.

The boots I want to buy

The ones I want are out of the USA and are specific cold weather boots. My feet freeze here and with a UK Christmas coming up wanted to get them now for our winter as well. They have a shop function on their website. So far this is the story of my boots

– found boots, liked them wanted to buy them

– website does not ship to Australia

– website has no information for Australian distributers

– email site and ask why I can’t buy the shoes online

-receive message back saying I can’t buy online “because it is summer”

– email site and say “what???” and ask for Australian distributer information

–get Australian distributer information. Call distributer, phone number does not work. Check distributers website, site under construction no contact information of any kind on website

– email USA site back again explaining the above. Get 2 more phone numbers and email addresses to try as USA company not quite sure if the distributers are still the distributers?

– email Australian distributers, some of the emails bounce back

– get email from Australian distributers with an address of a place here in Sydney who are meant to have stock but the distributers are unsure if they do have stock or not?

– go instore, they don’t have my size in Australia

– try USA website again, try to purchase using my PayPal account they won’t accept any PayPal not registered in the USA

– try to pay by credit card, they want me to become a “member” and create a login. Asking me all kinds of questions

– now have to re log into website as a “member” have to reselect the boots I want to purchase, fill in shipping information to my friend who lives in the USA. They will not let you purchase until you provide full address and phone number (I don’t have her number as I use Skype to call her, it’s 4am there so can’t contact her to get all the correct details).

– boots still not purchased and this whole process has taken more than 3 weeks.

So despite the fact I still don’t have my boots can you see just how bad this business is? I want to give them money and yet they have done everything possible to make it impossible for me to give it to them.

For everyone who is selling online take a look at your processes, anything that is an impediment to your customer giving you money get rid of it. Make the process as simple as possible. Trust me your customer will thank you for it!


Japan Fashion Guide now available $5.00. Click here to purchase.

Happy long weekend

Just a short message today to say enjoy your long weekend and if you ever need to know how looking your best all the time leads to a solid brand then look no further than the Queen herself.

Impeccable style, classic tailoring, wears colours that suit her and isn’t afraid to don a headscarf or pull on the wellies when needed.

Practical and stylish a true ambassador of her own brand.