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Counting down

I’m in serious count down mode, and not it’s not for Christmas. I’m counting down till 5pm Friday when my day job finishes and I get a wonderful 5 days off!

Now these 5 days are going to be filled with cycling, running, cooking and of course Christmas but a large portion of them is going to be dedicated to 2013.


Well because I am determined to make 2013 the best year yet for my business and to do that I need some serious planning, some learning of new skills and some action plans put into place so that I can hit the ground running.

While everyone else is still in the post Christmas, New Year hangover I intend to be organised and making my business work smarter.

So during your holiday period why not set aside some time and dedicate it to your business? Make some plans, write some lists and get started on those New Years resolutions early!

Happy Holidays!


I’m still here

It’s been a busy year! packed so much in and still so much more to do before December.

One of the reasons I’ve been so busy is I’ve gone back to full time work. After many years of working freelance and building my own label an opportunity came up that made me think “I’ll try that!” and so I have been. As with all jobs it has it’s ups and down but I enjoy it, I am learning from it and I still have time to work on my own label. Sadly the biggest downside is that I am neglecting this poor blog.

So I am trying to address that and be here more often. It might be infrequent but I am attempting to get my equilibrium back and share information here to help all of you striking out on your own to start your own labels.

For all those who have gotten in touch to ask for more posts, thank you! I love sharing my knowledge and knowing that it is truly helping people really makes me smile.

New goals for the next 6 months

Earlier this week I got you to take a look at the goals we all set at the beginning of the year and take stock of where your business is at.

Did you make your goals?

Did you make some but not all of them?

Did you make a list and never look at it again?

No matter where you are at it’s time to re evaluate what is important to you and to your business.

If you made all your goals. Well done! Now is time to set yourself some bigger and more challenging goals for the upcoming months.

If you made some but not all, good on you for trying hard. Evaluate those that are left on the list and figure out why you didn’t make them. Were they too difficult? did other life factors get in the way? or did you just not try hard enough? Knowing the reason why things haven’t worked is often the key to knowing how to change things to ensure they work the second time around.

Once you are done evaluating set some more goals for the next six months as well.

You made a list and never looked at it again. Were you working on your business during the last six months. I mean really working, where you have set goals and targets to meet them and ensure that you have cash flow coming in and out and that your product is going out to the customers? Or were you simply playing at having a business and you did a whole bunch of research and wrote many pretty lists but never did any actual real quantifiable work?

Now is the time to take stock of where you are at, where you want to be and what you need to do to ensure you reach your goals. This is something you have to decide for yourself and put into action yourself, this is not something that will spontaneously happen. You have to want it and have the drive to make it happen.

So what are your goals for the next 6 months?

How to write a (basic) design brief

Many people need a designer of some kind to help them start their label. If you are hiring one it can be a little daunting and not to mention frustrating trying to convey your wants to them so you can get the designs you need back again.

A good design brief will help smooth out some of the wrinkles in the new working relationship.

1-  take a look at who you think your target market will be. It may be more than one group of people. Look at age, wants/needs, price points etc

2 – Then write down what they want. You can be specific with garment types, hem lengths but also include the feel it wants to capture such as young and fresh or nostalgic and vintage.

3 – set out the number of pieces you want for which category of customer. eg you want to design 3 pieces for the young and fresh feel for the target market and it should include 1 dress and 2 separates. For the vintage/nostalgic portion do 3 dresses for daytime and 1 for eveningwear.

Now you should have a design brief because you know WHO your customers are, WHAT they want and HOW you are going to deliver that to them.

This little bit of groundwork will result in a much more cohesive range that will suit not only your customers needs better but suit what you need better as well.

These same quick ideas can be adapted to suit a brief for a web designer or graphic designer too. The key with briefs is to be concise and give exactly what you want while allowing scope for the designer to design.

Marketing Calendar

Do you have a marketing plan for the entire year? If not why not?
Marketing gets you sales and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune it just needs some planning.
Grab a calendar, diary or use a program like iCal.You need something that shows the entire year and allows you space to write on it.
Now think about your target market.

Is your product aimed at kids? Then how can your product be aimed at kid specific events?
Back to school
Alternative to chocolates at Easter

Or are your target market more likely to be buying product for
Big day out
Schoolies week
School formals

Already working?
Back to work post Christmas
New seasons
New job dress to impress

The more reasons and occasions you can give your customers the more they buy. Find out when school holidays are on, long weekends, mothers day, fathers day, Easter, Christmas and other events that are relevant to your customer.
Once you have identified when these events are on decide what you are offering in your marketing
Free gift wrapping
Express post
New product
Special product offered for limited time only
Buy one get one free
Free gift with purchase
A tutorial
A giveaway
Free download of art, pattern etc

Set up what you are going to do by when. Eg a tutorial needs time to photograph, write the steps etc

Then put it into your marketing calendar when you will release it for that event. If it’s for Christmas then you might want to offer free gift wrapping for a month so your marketing calendar will be marked from mid November onwards to be marketing that additional service for that time period.

Get in now, plan your marketing and track your results. Did a discount work better it worse than a free tutorial? Once you know what works for your customer plan a few more, your loyal customers will reward you with more sales.

What are you planning to market  this year?

What are your business goals this year?

What are your business goals this year?

If you don’t set clear goals for your business then how can you know what you are working towards? To keep blindly working along with no goal either big or small to celebrate or work towards, how do you know you are getting what you want from your business?

Some goals you might think about setting

– start a website selling your product

– make website pay rent each week

– double the income of the business within a year

– have between 5 to 10 more wholesale stockists by June

– be in at least 5 print publications (magazines) this year

– be involved in a tradeshow or markets

– launch new products

– commit to better social networking – blogs, twitter etc

– increase participation of friends/customers via social network. Eg get people tweeting about your business, commenting on your blog and facebook pages

– be financially independent by end of year

Take some time, turn off your phone, your email, facebook, twitter and everything else and really think about what it is you want from your business? No matter how big or small write out your goals and a strategy on how to achieve them.

Put the goals somewhere where you can see them and work towards them.

By planning and being clear about what you want you are on the path the achieving all that you want for your business.

What are your goals this year?