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T-shirt design competition

Spotted on the Frankie mag blog  in the past few weeks a great t-shirt design competition.

Head on over to ArtPark to get more details on how to get your t-shirt design featured.


Free Workshop TONIGHT!

I got this email last night but was so busy watching the action of the Tour de France I forgot to pass it on to you all. Even in today’s horrible weather see if you can make it along.

This is just a friendly reminder that the next FREE Daily Imprint workshop on How to live a creative life is on tomorrow night. The session will be on How to create a covetable brand.

Just like last time, the session starts at 6.30pm and will go for about an hour, with an opportunity to ask questions at the end. It’s also at the Apple store, Bondi.

The panel will be talking about everything from fonts, to communication and the importance of imagery – as well as how to launch a brand.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Be right back!

Hi Everyone,

Am super busy this week so am skipping a week of blog posts and will be back next week. Till then here’s a few things you might like to do

  • have any questions for the Q and A blog posts? add them to the comments here and get your answers soon
  • go back through the previous posts and share if you have acted on any of them and if they have helped you
  • is there anything you want to more about? Just leave a comment asking for what will help your label best?
  • don’t forget the Japan Style Guide is still on sale for only $5.00 a great insight into current styles from one of the largest trend setting nations in the world.

Window displays – a great source of free advertising

Window displays are a great way to see the changing fashion seasons, from the full on over the top Christmas windows to the bright summery windows they always make me take a second look at store I might have just passed by.

A good window display is meant to do just that, make you look. They announce the new season, new stock, a sale or any event that the brand wishes to highlight.

If you are stocked in a small independent retailer why not offer to do a window display for them? It’s not difficult to get a bit crafty and make something up that can showcase your brand. With extra exposure sales and interest in your brand will increase and you get to have fun being crafty creating your display!

Blogging Calendar

We’ve already spoken about the need to plan out your marketing for the year but have you thought about a blog plan for the year?
Think about all the marketing ideas you wrote down you can add all of them to your blog plan straight away. If you want to advertise yourself on all those marketing opportunities you have already identified then on your blog is a great place to start.
Now you don’t want to leave your customers and readers without anything to read in-between your marketing opportunities plus you don’t want to only be saying ” buy my stuff” all the time.
So what are you going to write about?

Here is a few things that might help?
What else other than your brand are you into? Do you craft, surf, paint, do sport/exercise, play music, bake, base jump etc etc etc. Could you write a weekly or monthly post on that?
What do you like about other blogs you read? Is it the
The stories
The reviews, could you do something similar?

Do you have a favorite magazine? Why is it your favorite? Can you develop a style for your blog that is as unique as that magazine?

What you want your blog to do ,is
Talk about the lifestyle of your brand.
Be authentic ( if you are not into  punk rock then don’t pretend to be an expert you’ll just look like a fool and make your brand look fake).
Be easy to write and maintain
Show off your brand and skills but without being the ” buy my stuff” person all the time.
Create a community that will buy from you, support you and tell others about you.

So what are you going to write about ?

Increase the selling power of your blog!

This widget allows you to have a slide show of your products right on the side bar of your blog! super easy get all the details here.

If you add one to your blog add a link in the comments I want to check them out!

Business card design

I’m in the middle of re designing my business cards so have been doing some extra research on them and then find yet another article from Design Sponge with some great hints!

I particularly love this hint

. Apologize when you give someone your card. You should love your business cards and feel confident handing them out. If you’re apologizing for how lame your cards are, its time to get new ones.

Read more at Design*Sponge