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5 things Friday – FREE information at your fingertips

I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing what is going on in the world around you. Not only will it make you a better designer but it will make you a better business person.

Each morning take a look at the news online and don’t just read the celebrity gossip look for articles about the retail sector, things that are influencing people and what people are spending their money on. All of this impacts you, the more you know about it the more you can ensure that you are not going to get caught short when the market shifts.

Here are some I found this week, all from the Sydney Morning Herald which is FREE online and gives a wealth of information.

Lady GaGa was in town so teenagers were dressing up as their fashion idol. From the Sydney Morning Herald.

image via Sydney Morning Herald

How new business models are leaving some businesses out in the cold. From the Sydney Morning Herald.

News that David Jones is struggling with sales. From the Sydney Morning Herald.

Retail in a slump. From the Sydney Morning Herald.

An Aussie success story. From the Sydney Morning Herald.

All these articles are easily available so each day, start taking the time to have a look around you, absorb the information and think “how does this affect my brand”.


5 things friday – technology, details, downsizing and fashion lifestyle inspiration

1- femme bots to try your clothes on for you?

2 – light reactive clothes.

3. Design is often in the details

4. great idea for a giveaway on your site/blog why not downsize your designs to fit a doll?

5. Fashion lifestyle inspiration

holidays and 5 things Friday

Recently a few of my scheduled posts didn’t go up as planned while I’ve been away on holidays, apologies for the gaps but never fear the posts have been moved so you’ll get all the information soon.

Am back from holidays and in that weird head space where you are torn between wanting to stay on holidays and wanting to get back into all my work at a million miles an hour as the holiday was so inspiring.

Will share more about my holidays and inspiration soon but till then here’s 5 things that caught my eye this week

1. How to Screenprint poster found via CMYBacon and available here

2. Photojojo shows you how you only need 5 things to make your own photo studio at home.

3. Pandagram found via Swiss Miss allows you to view instagram photos  on your ipad. Too cute for words!

4. Quiltish share tips on how to get a better display at your next markets or fair.

5. Local label Bento who have a very brave and honest blog, show full transparency in the pricing structure of their t-shirts. We wish them well with their label and approach to the industry.

5 things Friday – awards, online selling, clients design, photo tricks

  1. First up this week is the City of Sydney Business awards nomination and voting start next Tuesday. Why not check out the list of categories and see if your business is eligible and gain yourself some exposure.
  2. the wonderful I go by Katie blog has a pro’s and con’s of your own dedicated webstore v’s an etsy store. Very helpful for anyone just looking to get started on the web.
  3. If you are looking to start selling online why not take a look at Young Republic. Like etsy but based here in Australia.
  4. For anyone who does work for specific clients why not ask yourself these 10 questions from Designers Couch to see if you are in touch with their design needs?
  5. How about Orange shares a cute DIY on how to add shapes to your photos. Very adorable.

I thing Friday – reminder Vivid Festival

Super quick this week just wanted to remind you to get on down to the Vivid Festival this weekend and check it out.

Details of events can be found here

1 thing Friday – out of this world edition

On last week’s 5 things Friday I spoke about how much I love seeing things get made, another thing I really love is space and the idea of Space travel. I’m a big Star Wars fan and of NASA and all the amazing work they do.

So when I saw this image

I was beside myself with excitement. It is from a new book detailing how the technology of sewing was used and improved upon to make space suits for the Apollo missions! Could it get any more amazing than that?

For more details check out the whole article from gizmodo here and if anyone wanted to buy me the book that would be just fine by me!

3 things Friday – how things get made

I love seeing how things get made, from cooking to cars to buildings to boats I find the design process and then the manufacturing process fascinating. It seems other people do too. So consider sharing some insights into what it is you do.

You could write what you do in a day like this post from Colette patterns

or you could snap some photos of work in progress like hound.

or you could make a video like this one on how bicycles are built on Dude Craft.

If you are making your products by hand then let people know that, people like products which are individual use it as a selling point!