I’m still here

It’s been a busy year! packed so much in and still so much more to do before December.

One of the reasons I’ve been so busy is I’ve gone back to full time work. After many years of working freelance and building my own label an opportunity came up that made me think “I’ll try that!” and so I have been. As with all jobs it has it’s ups and down but I enjoy it, I am learning from it and I still have time to work on my own label. Sadly the biggest downside is that I am neglecting this poor blog.

So I am trying to address that and be here more often. It might be infrequent but I am attempting to get my equilibrium back and share information here to help all of you striking out on your own to start your own labels.

For all those who have gotten in touch to ask for more posts, thank you! I love sharing my knowledge and knowing that it is truly helping people really makes me smile.


One response to “I’m still here

  1. So glad your back & can’t wait for more posts! Thanks for this wonderful blog x

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