Questions and Answers

Another in a series of Q and A, if you have a question add it in the comments section and it might get answered in the next installment.

Question: at the moment fabric wholesalers are selling fabrics for next winter, is there some kind of taboo in using next years fabrics for this winter?

Answer: Definitely no taboos when it comes to fabric you can use whatever you like whenever you like. The only drawbacks would be

  • will there be enough fabric in stock at the wholesalers? so check and make sure they haven’t only got a small amount of sampling fabric in and not a bulk amount?
  • if it is a brand new direction in fabric, depending on your market segment it make take them some time to warm up to a new concept. For example it might take customers time to adjust to a new colour palette if it is vastly different to what they have been used to.

But other than those tiny details there are no issues so go for it!


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