Helping independent labels

Last week I spoke about my disappointing trip to Oxford st and Paddington markets, then later in the week I was searching for a present. I wanted it to be handmade, interesting and hopefully supporting someone starting out their label.

That was a tough find. I started with etsy and quickly got put off by the masses of really bad stuff on there (don’t get me wrong some amazing works there too but I didn’t have endless hours to trawl through all the bad to find the good). Then I tried the local stores but everything was all mass produced and then I went back to searching on the net and it went on and on and I gave up twice then saw a picture on a blog (when I was totally looking for something else) and finally got what I wanted (oddly enough from etsy!).

the present I was looking for!

All of this made me think “how can I help?” so to start with I’m going to add a side bar to the front page that links to independent labels online stores.

So if you are reading this and you make your own product please leave a comment and I can add you to the list so we can help others find you too.


4 responses to “Helping independent labels

  1. Hi! I love following your blog and also did your community college course a couple of years ago. Thanks for all of your tips and advice. 🙂 I have been running my label for nearly two years now… started off making everything myself and selling at Paddington markets, and now have a little crew of contractors that help me make our stock – all 100% Australian made. We are now based online (finished up with the markets about a year ago) and also wholesale to a few shops around Australia and a couple overseas too. Would love to get your feedback and it would be great if you could link to our online store at:
    or our main site:
    Thanks for the support!
    All the best

  2. I started my label a year ago, funny name yes, but i thought i’d just be doing leggings and it made sense then! I dont have the capitol to put in a huge order overseas so am doing everything here from sydney which means I can only do 1 or 2 designs at a time. I do enjoy it though and hoping in a while i’ll be able to launch a great full range!! In the meantime, trying to get ‘sticks’ out there!

  3. Hey there! This is a great thing you’re doing here. I’ve been designing tshirts for years but only just started up my own label. Maybe it’s not really your thing but I’d love for you to check it out regardless 🙂 – cecart

  4. hmmm i was to hasty in my comment earlier and forgot to leave a website!

    I have a label called sticks – best place to visit at the moment is my facebook page :


    Thank you for supporting new labels xxx

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