Be right back!

Hi Everyone,

Am super busy this week so am skipping a week of blog posts and will be back next week. Till then here’s a few things you might like to do

  • have any questions for the Q and A blog posts? add them to the comments here and get your answers soon
  • go back through the previous posts and share if you have acted on any of them and if they have helped you
  • is there anything you want to more about? Just leave a comment asking for what will help your label best?
  • don’t forget the Japan Style Guide is still on sale for only $5.00 a great insight into current styles from one of the largest trend setting nations in the world.


One response to “Be right back!

  1. HI,
    I’ve recently started a fashion label called sticks –, (after doing your course!) selling leggings and t shirts. After 1 year of leggings i’m now going to be doing dresses and a full winter range for next year. Would love your advice on ….
    Question 1: at the moment fabric wholesalers are selling fabrics for next winter, is there some kind of taboo in using next years fabrics for this winter?
    Question 2: Do you have any tips on doing my own pr and marketing and getting labels out there with a very low budget? I feel i have a great product but this is my downfall.

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