Japan Fashion Guide

I’m so very excited about today’s post as it is the start of something new here at “Start your label”. In addition to giving you weekly hints, tips and links I’m always looking for ways to share my fashion knowledge and get more people started on their path within the fashion industry.

Recently I was on a trip to Japan. As a designer when you get to travel for work you often write up a summary of the styles and trends you saw while you were away to bring the entire design team up to speed on what is happening in the big fashion capitols.

Well I consider you all as part of my design team and so I have created a little ‘zine for you all that showcases the fashion and styles as they are happening right now in Japan!

It is now available for purchase for $5.00 here.

A .pdf zine filled with notes and photos on the styles and trends of Japan as seen in our latest trip. The .pdf file will be emailed to you once the payment has been processed (please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing to be completed).

Please do not use images or notes from, share, copy or forward this .pdf as that would be a breach of copyright.

I hope you will enjoy this summary of upcoming trends and look forward to sharing all kinds of fashion knowledge with you.


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