holidays and 5 things Friday

Recently a few of my scheduled posts didn’t go up as planned while I’ve been away on holidays, apologies for the gaps but never fear the posts have been moved so you’ll get all the information soon.

Am back from holidays and in that weird head space where you are torn between wanting to stay on holidays and wanting to get back into all my work at a million miles an hour as the holiday was so inspiring.

Will share more about my holidays and inspiration soon but till then here’s 5 things that caught my eye this week

1. How to Screenprint poster found via CMYBacon and available here

2. Photojojo shows you how you only need 5 things to make your own photo studio at home.

3. Pandagram found via Swiss Miss allows you to view instagram photos  on your ipad. Too cute for words!

4. Quiltish share tips on how to get a better display at your next markets or fair.

5. Local label Bento who have a very brave and honest blog, show full transparency in the pricing structure of their t-shirts. We wish them well with their label and approach to the industry.


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