Check back on your goals

We are almost half way through the year! Time sure flies when you get busy, but this week we need to take a moment and look back to the goals we set earlier this year.

How are you going with your goals?

Did you hit the ground running at the beginning of the year and just smashed your goals out of the park and got them all done?

Are there any that are no longer relevant because you’ve either achieved them already or because the focus of your business has changed?

Are there some you are still struggling with? You are trying hard but not quite there yet?

Do you have some goals you haven’t even started yet?

Did you make a lovely list and then file it and haven’t done a thing about it since?

So grab your goal list and a cup of tea and take a few minutes to figure out where you are with your goals.

I’l be back later in the week to see where we go to from here?


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