Working from home – winter edition – part 3

Want to stay warm this winter and be nice to the environment then take a quick look around your work area for

  • drafty windows – solution – some heavier drapes or better yet a foam that adheres to the frame which blocks the draft from getting in, in the first place
  • drafty doors – solution – door snakes, they work so well one of the most under rated ways to keep a room warmer. I made mine using an offcut of fabric stuffed with small fabric cuttings and sewed 2 odd buttons on him to make a face. Took all of about 5 minutes and now no draft.

Sid the door snake

  • wooden floorboards – solution – a mat. Even if you don’t get a mat for the whole floor try one for directly under where you work each day. It will certainly take the chill off your feet.
  • plastic chairs – solution – fabric cover or flat cushion. Plastic chairs can be very cold so give yours a makeover with a warm cover or flat cushion. Gives your space a makeover and keeps you warm.
  • poor lighting – solution – get an extra lamp or better yet swap your bulbs for daylight bulbs. The duller the environment the more cold you will feel so flood the area with good lighting and help chase the chills away.
  • heaters and air conditioners – yes they have their place but they aren’t great for the environment to run all day every day – solution – a hot water bottle. One of these wrapped up snug and placed on your chair or lap and you’ll be toasty warm in no time and more effectively than a heater which has to warm all the air in the room before you will feel warm.

How do you keep warm and green during the cold months? Would love to hear about it.


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