5 things Friday – new things to learn

1 – Method and Craft – artists and designers talking about their work and sharing lessons they have learnt.

2 – thinking of re branding? or getting new business cards? Don’t do a thing till you’ve checked out the Lovely Stationary blog.

via Lovely Stationary

3 – quick and cheap moodboard idea via decor8

4 – fantastic blog post idea of documenting a day in your life via I go by Katie

5 – a sneak peek into a designers workroom via ebb & flow

Remember these 5 links on a Friday are to help you learn from what others have done and then adapt it for your business. Do we want to see your studio? do you use a technique or do something cool you can document in photos? If you are designing your business cards let us see the thought process behind it. The more you engage your audience the more they will identify with you the more they will want to support your brand.


2 responses to “5 things Friday – new things to learn

  1. thanks for the link! can’t wait to explore the rest of your site.

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