Working from home – winter edition part 1

It’s getting a bit chilly at night, the early mornings are a bit crisp and the sun isn’t shining quite so bright. Winter is on it’s way and for many who work from home this is the time of the year when getting really quality work done gets increasingly difficult.

Not wanting to brave the brisk air might mean a 10 minute lie in bed now becomes half an hour in the morning. A warm blanket, cup of cocoa and the midday movie while sitting next to the heater is more inviting than working at your computer or on your products.

To avoid these pitfalls that result in lost productivity why not indulge yourself a little?

Working from home does have it’s benefits and one of those is definitely being more relaxed and casual with your appearance. But it’s no time for tracky dacks and footy socks if you actually want to make yourself feel professional.

Swap your warm dressing gown for a lovely soft cardigan that will keep you warm and comfortable.

Keep your feet warm with a pair of classic boots and tights, or for those with really cold feet perhaps a pair of Sorel boots?

Or if you must a pair of sheepskin boots but please do not leave the house in them or all notion of you being a professional will be completely lost.

Scarves (like this one from etsy) and caps or beanies can make even the draftiest room feel snuggly.

This winter indulge yourself a little and reap the benefits of better productivity.


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