Why sales are bad for your brand.

Last Wednesday I talked about how sales can be a great way to encourage some brand loyalty and increase sales and awareness of your brand.

Today is all about how sales can be bad for your brand, or to be more specific how too many sales can be bad for your brand.

Everyone loves a bargain and that’s fine but if every time a customer comes to your site/store/market stall you are having a sale then you will teach them to never pay full price for a product. Big chain stores fall into this trap all the time. If you are in a big brand store and think “oh that’s really cute, ouch it’s a bit more than I can afford…oh no matter it’ll be on sale next week this store always has sales” then that store is teaching you to never pay full price for it’s products.

Which is fine if you are a big brand and can survive on the sheer volume of products that you well. But if you are a small boutique business then you cannot afford to fall into the never ending sale trap.

How to avoid the trap

  • clearly define periods in the year when you will have sales
  • market these in the lead up time to the actual sale
  • make your sales worthwhile. Not all products have to be discounted by the same margin but those that you are discounting by the highest margin make them stand out and highlight them in the sale marketing
  • just because your products are going on sale don’t replace them with junk product. This sometimes happens and it is a bad idea. A sale is coming up and in order to make a quick buck people produce product purely for the sale that is not to their usual standard. Don’t do it. If a loyal customer buys and gets junk they will be disappointed and not so loyal next time. If a new customer buys it and gets junk they won’t ever buy again.

Some sales are good, too many sales cheapen your brand, walk the fine line between and you will have happy supportive customers who are loyal to your brand.


One response to “Why sales are bad for your brand.

  1. Thanks so much for showing both the good and bad sides of sales. I always look forward to your posts.

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