Why sales are good for your brand.

Sales are a great way to reward the people who support your brand.

Often we think of sales in terms of being a customer, which means we view them as

  • a way to grab a bargain
  • a way to get the outgoing season’s stock on sale
  • well if it’s on special then I saved $50

and a whole host of other reasons.

So now lets look at it from the point of view of a brand and a business

  • gets rid of old season stock
  • gets rid of slow moving stock
  • is expected by people / the industry

All of which are true but how about we look at some of the great positives of a sale

  • gets people excited about the brand
  • gets more people wearing/using the brand and therefore more people within the community who will then talk about your brand/products.
  • using social media to tell people about your sale increases the number of people the brand will be exposed to, as many people want to show they are the ones “in the know” about sales
  • rewards loyal customers by providing them with the same great product at a lower price
  • brings in customers who might have been hovering around the edges and not yet committed to buying

Sales every so often can really bring you a lot of publicity, good will, encourage more people to buy and help bring dollars in the door.

When planning your marketing for the year allow some room for some sales and instead of marketing them as a way to offload old unwanted stock, market them in a positive way and reward your customers.


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