Anyone for a tweet?

Hope everyone had a great extra long weekend and managed to fit in some rest, some play and some work.

Great response to last week’s Q and A and I thought it would be fun if people had questions they could ask them via Twitter as well?

If anyone wants to follow me you can find me @startyourlabel or if you add your Twitter name to the comments I’ll follow you.

Other questions that were posted or emailed in are being answered in the next Question and Answer post so keep an eye out it might be your question that get’s answered.


2 responses to “Anyone for a tweet?

  1. Iam starting (I hope!) a girls Tween Range starting with dresses and a skirt.
    I am going to the UK with my family (husbands business) next week, so using the opportunity to go to Hong Kong & Bangkok and have organsied meetings with manufacturers. In each location. Also booked to go to Bubble London.

    Do you have any suggestions of things I really need to look for / ask. Any tips in general ?

    I did your course in March, so using all your tips thus far. And really pushed me to take the chance and do it rather then thinking about it..and being a Mum and not making time…so thank you. Rebecca E

    • Hi,
      First of all have a great trip it sounds like so much fun.

      Secondly remember that what works overseas may not work in Australia (weather conditions etc) so make sure you choose things you know your own kids would love and that will work for an Australian market. For example, Those double breasted wool duffle coats are a must have in the UK but barely get used here.

      Good Luck!

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