Questions and Answers

When people leave comments on the blog posts I try and give them an answer as soon as possible. However sometimes the questions are so good I’m going to start adding them in as posts so everyone can benefit from the answers

1) Where is the best place to get a roll of pattern making cardboard and general sewing quipment?

Patternmaking card can be purchased at most of the art stores (I know for sure you can get it at Oxford Art on Oxford st). Notchers, tracing wheels etc can all be purchased from Greenfields (Ann st Surry Hills).

While pattern card by the roll is easier to store it is sometimes difficult to work with, so make sure to grab some paper weights to help hold it down and in place while you work.

2) And have you heard of the China(Shanghai) International Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition 2011?

Yes I have heard of it, I’ve not been to this one but am sure it would be quite useful. Perhaps make some enquiries as to of you may need a translator with you? I’ve always found it to not be essential but sometimes it just makes things slightly easier?

Also make sure it has what you need, if you need only fabric suppliers does it have that? or do you need manufacturers? Trade shows are fantastic but if you are looking for specific information then make sure they will be there before you go.

Write a list of exactly what you need and keep it with you when you go, that way you will make sure you get the information you want at the very least and everything else you learn will be an added bonus.

Good Luck!


2 responses to “Questions and Answers

  1. hi Susan,

    Do you know of any manufacturers in sydney or anywhere in australia? shereen

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