I’ve been thinking about packaging lately.

With an online store you want to bring as much personality as you can and that extends past the site to the person receiving the parcel and the whole act of opening up the purchase.

But packaging not only costs money it can be an excessive use of paper and shipping materials that is just plain wasteful.

So I’ve been trying to think up some alternatives that not only look good but use the least amount of resources possible.

For Christmas I used some paper that has been salvaged from industrial offcuts, some rubber stamps and some butcher’s twine to create packaging. Which looked nice and festive and was certainly appreciated by the customers as so many of them sent me emails and messages to say thank you for the lovely wrapping.

Then I saw this clip which is great way of showcasing the packaging of the company.

Not only does it show great packaging but it’s also a fantastic add for the company as I’ve seen it on a number of blogs and sites. They have used a simple clip of their packaging to advertise themselves and open up the business to a wider audience.

So while I’ve been thinking about packaging I don’t have a solution yet but here is a few things I do know

1 – keep it simple yet effective

2 – I want to keep it as “green” as possible and use recycle materials where possible

3 – make it consistent with the brand message (similar text, feel etc as the website, blog, business cards) the more consistent the message the stronger it is.

4 – once it is done photograph it and advertise it on the site, blog etc to show people what they will be expecting in the post and use it as an additional selling tool.

So what do you think? Do you do packaging for your online stores? Do you think it is important? Let me know would love to hear what you have to say.


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