How to cut down on the “noise” of communication

Sometimes I wonder if we make it too easy to get hold of us during our work hours? People can get in touch with me via blog, twitter, facebook, email, phone and some of those I have multiples of! All in all it leads to a whole lot of “noise” during the day.

Recently I wrote about how I deal with emails and now I want to talk phonecalls.

I tend not to answer my phone during the day. It’s not that I don’t think your call is important it’s just that I am trying to get work done. It also helps me avoid unnecessary calls.

One of my freelance clients will email me 4 or 5 emails at a time, then send me a tweet to tell me to check my emails and then phone and leave a voice mail to say check your tweets and email. If I don’t get back to them within half an hour the whole process is repeated.
Not only is this really hard to deal with from a customer point of view most of the time the whole emails, tweets, voicemail is unecessary because by the time I’ve called them back they changed their mind anyway.
So when you are contacting suppliers, freelance workers, makers etc make sure your communication is minimal and to the point. No one has time to deal with all the “noise” that is created from unnecessary calls, tweets and emails.
So before you hit send or pick up the phone think to yourself is it really necessary?


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