Being part of the online community

Yesterday I got up early and went for a bike ride, it was raining and cold and honestly I would have stayed in bed but I had been contacted by a new cyclist who wanted to meet up with another rider to try and increase the amount they were getting out on the bike.

Not only is exercise a great way to start the day it was nice to meet up with someone who till now I had only ever talked to online.

Which got me to thinking about the number of people I know online, the number of blogs I read and how much I get out of them. So post ride with an enormous pot of tea to warm me up I started reading blogs.

Each time I saved a recipe, read a piece I liked or even just saw a photo that made my heart beat a little faster I took the time to leave a comment.

Who knows many of the comments might be ignored, some may never go back to visit my blog or site but it still feels pretty good to say thank you to people whose work I read every day.

Am determined to leave more comments and thank more people for their efforts and be more active in the online community. Opportunities may arise that I’ve not even thought about yet, I might get to meet and talk to some new and interesting people and even if none of that happens maybe just the act of sending out some goodwill seems like a nice thing for my online business to do.


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