How to write a (basic) design brief

Many people need a designer of some kind to help them start their label. If you are hiring one it can be a little daunting and not to mention frustrating trying to convey your wants to them so you can get the designs you need back again.

A good design brief will help smooth out some of the wrinkles in the new working relationship.

1-  take a look at who you think your target market will be. It may be more than one group of people. Look at age, wants/needs, price points etc

2 – Then write down what they want. You can be specific with garment types, hem lengths but also include the feel it wants to capture such as young and fresh or nostalgic and vintage.

3 – set out the number of pieces you want for which category of customer. eg you want to design 3 pieces for the young and fresh feel for the target market and it should include 1 dress and 2 separates. For the vintage/nostalgic portion do 3 dresses for daytime and 1 for eveningwear.

Now you should have a design brief because you know WHO your customers are, WHAT they want and HOW you are going to deliver that to them.

This little bit of groundwork will result in a much more cohesive range that will suit not only your customers needs better but suit what you need better as well.

These same quick ideas can be adapted to suit a brief for a web designer or graphic designer too. The key with briefs is to be concise and give exactly what you want while allowing scope for the designer to design.


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