Workflow design

I’ve been thinking about good design and how it makes everything better. I’m not talking about the kind of design we’re doing for our actual labels be it t-shirts, dresses, lingerie or shoes I’m talking about about the design of our workflow and spaces and what we use to actually “do” the design.

Everyone knows the frustration of a computer that keeps freezing or crashing or a chair that makes your back ache because you can’t quite reach the desk properly. These small things add up and overtime adversely affect the way our businesses run. Lots of small annoyances can mean that when you think of working you get that sinking feeling in your stomach. You may think it’s because you are still in the building stages of your brand or working on a new range. But what if the sinking feeling is linked to these small annoyances?

So some things that might be causing these small annoyances

– space

– light (or lack thereof)

– equipment

First up Space

Do you have a dedicated workspace or are you flitting between couch and kitchen bench? No matter how small get yourself a workspace. Somewhere you can sit and work, leave and come back and your things are still where you left them. Not only does it make the work easier it makes you more efficient as you don’t have to first find and prepare a spot everytime you want to work. It will make your work feel real and you will treat it with more respect.


Good lighting is essential to any designer. You need a nice strong light for colour matching and good lighting makes you feel more alert and productive. Low level lighting is bad for colour matching makes you feel drowsy and dull and can lead to squinting eyes and headaches. So when you have a dedicated workspace then get a good natural light lamp or light to illuminate your area with.


Are your stationary supplies stolen from your kids crayons? When you sew do you need to spend twenty minutes finding matching colour thread. Organisation is key when it comes to equipment. Buy good scissors, some nice pens, paper and some dedicated storage.

When I first started my business I bought way too much stationary. Now days I buy the bare minimum because not only does it save money it means I don’t have to find somewhere to store it either.

Old jars make great holders for pens and scissors. An old photo frame can be re used as a corkboard by getting some heavy card and covering it with fabric and popping it into the frame.

Good design of your workspace doesn’t need to cost a fortune, it really only takes some organisation and dedication. Give your workspace a good design make over this week and see if it helps you stay more focused on the big picture and not on the small annoyances.


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