Leaving comments on blogs, involve yourself in your community

Do you have a blog?
Do you read other blogs?
Do you ever comment on other posts that you read?

Do you want more people to comment on your blog posts?

I’ve been thinking about blogging quite a bit lately. One of the aspects I’ve been considering is the level of participation that is involved.

I read a fair amount of blogs, I write and research information for the posts I write and often it feels like a one way street. And part of that is my fault as I interact in one direction too.

So I’ve set myself the task of commenting on blogs I like. Did I like the photos? Was the information they gave worthwhile and interesting? Did I learn something? if there is a yes to any of those questions I spend a moment of my time to interact with the blogger and give them some feedback.

If you want to build a community around your brand I think it is important to interact with others within the same medium. Comment on blogs, follow people on twitter or facebook and start a conversation with them. Not only is it fun it makes good business sense as that may lead to other opportunities of selling or promotion that you may not have previously explored.

So take a leap this week and start commenting on some blogs or replying on twitter and facebook I think you’ll find the interaction fun and hopefully informative.


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