Blogging Calendar

We’ve already spoken about the need to plan out your marketing for the year but have you thought about a blog plan for the year?
Think about all the marketing ideas you wrote down you can add all of them to your blog plan straight away. If you want to advertise yourself on all those marketing opportunities you have already identified then on your blog is a great place to start.
Now you don’t want to leave your customers and readers without anything to read in-between your marketing opportunities plus you don’t want to only be saying ” buy my stuff” all the time.
So what are you going to write about?

Here is a few things that might help?
What else other than your brand are you into? Do you craft, surf, paint, do sport/exercise, play music, bake, base jump etc etc etc. Could you write a weekly or monthly post on that?
What do you like about other blogs you read? Is it the
The stories
The reviews, could you do something similar?

Do you have a favorite magazine? Why is it your favorite? Can you develop a style for your blog that is as unique as that magazine?

What you want your blog to do ,is
Talk about the lifestyle of your brand.
Be authentic ( if you are not into  punk rock then don’t pretend to be an expert you’ll just look like a fool and make your brand look fake).
Be easy to write and maintain
Show off your brand and skills but without being the ” buy my stuff” person all the time.
Create a community that will buy from you, support you and tell others about you.

So what are you going to write about ?


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