Do you blog?

Do you blog? If you do you might already know how great a way it is to bring awareness to your brand. It can help connect with existing customers and encourage them to be repeat customers, allow new market segments to find your brand and connect with it and allow your brand a voice.

The more you can make your brand feel like a best friend, a teacher, a supporter of your community, a part of something bigger, a fashion leader the more people will interact with the brand via the blog or other social medias like twitter, Facebook and the more they will want to be part of what you are offering.

A blog can help you do this, it can be the voice of your brand pointing out to your customers exactly what they want to know about.

You don’t need to blog everyday but you do need to be consistent. Once a week, twice a week, everyday whatever you choose make sure you can stick to it and provide content people want to read.

Think about adding a blog to your business this year and think of it as the best free marketing you will ever get.


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