Faster emails and a better website in one easy step

Last week I shared my 15 minute organisational tips for email. Here is something else you may want to consider that will improve your website and cut down on your emails.

When you are getting emails are you being asked

  • how much is postage?
  • do you post outside of Australia?
  • how do I figure out what size I am?
  • if I pay more for postage will it come express post?

Basic questions like this should not be taking up your time every day.

Write out all the ones you frequently get and answer them. Then add that information to the FAQ or frequently asked questions page on your website. Now you will hopefully get less emails asking the same questions and if you do keep getting the questions you can just add a link to the FAQ page on your site and not spend all day writing out the same answers.

Simple easy solution that will take barely anytime and make your life easier and help increase sales as your customers will have the information available to them at the point of purchase.

To make your life easier you can now find all our information with a new simple web address of so now it’s a nice easy address for you to remember and type in.


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