Marketing Calendar

Do you have a marketing plan for the entire year? If not why not?
Marketing gets you sales and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune it just needs some planning.
Grab a calendar, diary or use a program like iCal.You need something that shows the entire year and allows you space to write on it.
Now think about your target market.

Is your product aimed at kids? Then how can your product be aimed at kid specific events?
Back to school
Alternative to chocolates at Easter

Or are your target market more likely to be buying product for
Big day out
Schoolies week
School formals

Already working?
Back to work post Christmas
New seasons
New job dress to impress

The more reasons and occasions you can give your customers the more they buy. Find out when school holidays are on, long weekends, mothers day, fathers day, Easter, Christmas and other events that are relevant to your customer.
Once you have identified when these events are on decide what you are offering in your marketing
Free gift wrapping
Express post
New product
Special product offered for limited time only
Buy one get one free
Free gift with purchase
A tutorial
A giveaway
Free download of art, pattern etc

Set up what you are going to do by when. Eg a tutorial needs time to photograph, write the steps etc

Then put it into your marketing calendar when you will release it for that event. If it’s for Christmas then you might want to offer free gift wrapping for a month so your marketing calendar will be marked from mid November onwards to be marketing that additional service for that time period.

Get in now, plan your marketing and track your results. Did a discount work better it worse than a free tutorial? Once you know what works for your customer plan a few more, your loyal customers will reward you with more sales.

What are you planning to market  this year?


One response to “Marketing Calendar

  1. By the way, if it’s OK with you I’d like to add that no marketing plan or marketing calendar should be set in stone!

    If history has taught us anything, no matter how effective your plan may be, chances are, it will have to be altered at a given time; due to what your competitor(s), clients, future clients or suppliers are doing.

    Here’s the kicker, don’t feel as if you have to be a psychic.

    Don’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of needing a business and marketing plan so flexible that it takes away from the overall aim and goals that made you ‘hungry’ to market your particular business, product, service or idea in the first place!

    No doubt about it, there’s an easy way to be sure that you can continue to have success in the future – if you just start off with flexibility in mind!

    The best way to do so is to have a marketing plan and marketing calendar that is flexible and built to adjust itself when the time comes to do so.

    Sandy Barris
    Fast Marketing

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