One simple tip to make you more professional

Use proper spelling.

I wish that title could be enough but it appears that “text spelling” is everywhere. If you ever want to make yourself look really foolish, like you don’t know how to run a business or that the person you are emailing is not worth your notice then just use text spelling in a business email.

Ur does not equal your

Coz does not equal because

And what is with using xxxx at the end of a business email?

And don’t even get me started on emoticons.

If you want to be a successful business person, run your own label and get taken seriously then stop the text speak. It will not only avoid confusion and mistakes it will instantly make you a more credible business.

In writing the paragraphs above I feel like an old person who can’t keep up with the times. Increasingly I have been getting emails from people asking from help starting their labels using text speak. I’ve on more than one occasion had to look up to see what the abbreviations meant. Within the industry if an email was sent like that to a supplier, a publicist or a journalist it would be filed in the bin. Don’t let that happen to your business. A little bit of professionalism goes a long way.

A recent article from the Sydney Morning Herald offers some more tips here


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