Get organised – emails

I hate emails!

Wow that makes me feel better. I don’t exactly hate emails but I find they take up so much of my day. If I stop and answer them as they come in I never get any work done. If I flag them to come back to later then they just keep growing and growing. For me emails are like clothes washing or the washing up. A never ending thankless task that as soon as you are done you need to start again.

Last year I was bad and let emails slide. Then at the end of the year when I was seeing what  I did good and bad in my business I saw that what I was doing was not just not answering emails but turning away business. These people had already found me they wanted my product and I was lazy about it.

So new year new plan new approach.

Step 1 – unsubscribe from as many email newsletters as possible. Yes ALL of them

Step 2 – file all emails into categories

Step 3 – answer all current outstanding emails or delete those no longer relevant

Step 4 – if the same requests/questions keep appearing in those emails answer the Q’s on the website or make the information more accessible if it is already on there

Step 5 – set aside 10 to 15 min each morning to answer all emails from the previous day. Once answered file the email.

Now my website has more information on it, my inbox no longer scares me and my customers are getting information in a timely manner. If only the washing up could do itself I’d be set!


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