What are your business goals this year?

What are your business goals this year?

If you don’t set clear goals for your business then how can you know what you are working towards? To keep blindly working along with no goal either big or small to celebrate or work towards, how do you know you are getting what you want from your business?

Some goals you might think about setting

– start a website selling your product

– make website pay rent each week

– double the income of the business within a year

– have between 5 to 10 more wholesale stockists by June

– be in at least 5 print publications (magazines) this year

– be involved in a tradeshow or markets

– launch new products

– commit to better social networking – blogs, twitter etc

– increase participation of friends/customers via social network. Eg get people tweeting about your business, commenting on your blog and facebook pages

– be financially independent by end of year

Take some time, turn off your phone, your email, facebook, twitter and everything else and really think about what it is you want from your business? No matter how big or small write out your goals and a strategy on how to achieve them.

Put the goals somewhere where you can see them and work towards them.

By planning and being clear about what you want you are on the path the achieving all that you want for your business.

What are your goals this year?


3 responses to “What are your business goals this year?

  1. Thanx heaps for the tips, been floundering of late and these are getting me inspired

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