New year resolutions, it’s not too late

It’s the start of the year and by now you may have already forgotten all those new year resolutions that you made on January 1st? Did you make any resolutions for your business? If you did and they have already fallen by the wayside why not start again?

Make a list and as you achieve them cross them off. Not only will it give you a sense of achievement it will help grow your business.

Here are just a few that I have come up with

New year = new look

business cards

update website and blog design (or even just a refresh with new colours or headers).

Build a new press pack.

New Year = organisation

Totally clean up and out work area. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the workspace, clean and organise all materials, equipment.

Invest in new tubs, bowls, holders, binders etc that help keep things organised (and look good).

Clean your virtual workspace – clear the desktop of your computer, file all those images you get from the internet, create folders for work to be saved into. Clear out all unread emails and have a filing system for your emails.

Write a schedule – set out on what days you will do what work, are your emails going to be open all the time? Will you only open them at morning and afternoon? Plan your work time it will make you more productive.

New Year = new equipment

Not always new equipment but how about some TLC?

Clean your machines and overlockers, get them serviced if necessary.

Sharpen all scissors and keep them sharp! If you are cutting everyday look at getting them resharpened fortnightly. If you have not yet invested in good scissors go get some.

Does your computer need to be cleaned up? Does it need more memory? Do you need a new computer?

How is your phone? Does it cut out when you are on the phone to clients or miss calls? Do you need it fixed or replaced?

New Year = new connections

Start a blog, or if you already have one make it work for you. Blog every day, once a week, three times a week. Be consistent and give your readers good content that will keep them coming back for more

Start Tweeting. Twitter is fun and can help connect you with your community and customers.

Start a facebook fan page. Gain more attention for your brand.

Remember while social networks are fun they shouldn’t be what you spend all day every day on. Write them into your schedule and stick to it or you will find you are all talk no work.

Go get started on your list (if you have more suggestions add them into the comments) and give your business a headstart into the New Year.


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