Sickness, busy and a new year

Hi Everyone,

Sorry things have been a bit quiet around here. Quick run down on why, firstly I got super busy in my own business (yay!) then I was asked to fly to Melbourne and talk about topics related to my own business (super yay!) and then I got sick. Spent 2 weeks in bed sick and barely managing to eat, sleep and do basics let alone anything on my own business and blogs. Which brings up to now, only a few weeks till Christmas so am flat out organising, making and dispatching products for my business, still slightly sick and trying to fit in a small portion of the usual pre Christmas/end of year madness as well.

Sadly all of that means that you have been missing out on more information with which to get your ideas going on your own businesses. But don’t dispair I’ll be back in the new year with a whole batch of amazing things lined up to help you get your own label started. So bookmark this page and remember to come back and visit ok?

Till then have a wonderful time and for those of you who are taking an actual holiday enjoy it, relax and refresh yourself and get ready for a brand new year of challenges.


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