iPhone Apps

I’ve been enjoying having an iPhone and how I can use it to increase my business potential, am going to try and share the apps I’ve been finding useful.

Here is what I have been using so far

1 – TweetDeck – allows me to update my Twitter account, keep in touch with the news on Twitter and quickly respond to anyone who sends me a question or uses keywords that I follow.

2 – Facebook – similar to how I use TweetDeck/Twitter but I tend to use Facebook less for business than I do Twitter.

3 – WordPress – allows me to blog on the go

4 – ShakeItPhoto – use this app to generate photos with the effects of a Polaroid camera. Not only fun to use but can add an extra dimension to your photos your using on your blog or on Twitter/Facebook.

5 -F Network and Style.com – 2 different apps but both showing the latest fashion catwalk shows, great to keep up to date with all the latest in the high fashion world.

6 – PingChat! – install this and get all your friends to as well. Then you can send almost free text messages to each other. Instead of being charged er text you only use up part of your data. The data you use is tiny so you can cut down your text bills in no time.

What have you been using to help your business?


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