Delays and cancellations

Keen readers of the blog may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here lately…never fear I haven’t abandoned you. Here’s a little bit about what has been taken place.

About a month ago I was taking a fortnight off to go to England for a wedding, visit some family and sightseeing and of course fit in some much important shopping (I mean ‘research”).
However it seems mother nature had other things on her mind chief among which was the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland. After surviving a 14 hour flight from Sydney to Dubai only to find upon arriving in Dubai we would not be going any further.
With all flights to the UK cancelled we were put up in a hotel and had an impromptu holiday in Dubai.
My knowledge of Dubai was quite literally what I had seen of it on the last season of the Amazing Race (who knew reality TV actually teaches us anything at all?) In reality it is an amazing country filled with magnificent architecture and a level of luxury I did not know even existed.

After 6 days we were on our way to the UK where sadly we had missed the wedding we were going for but had a great time nonetheless.
Once back in Australia I unexpectdly flew to my family home to help out with a family funeral and spend time with my family at a sad time.
So now this poor blog has been a bit neglected. But don’t worry a whole lot of new write ups will be coming very soon. Including one on how to continue handling your business when your stuck in a foreign country with no way of knowing when or how your going to get out of there.

See you all soon!


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