Working from home – staying healthy

It’s coming up to cold and flu season so for all of you working on your own business you need to stay healthy or have a plan on what happens if you get sick.

Prevention is best when it comes to illness so eat well, exercise and rest if you start feeling anything coming on.

Also have a plan if you get sick. Can you not work on your business for say a fortnight? No, then make sure the major things are taken care of

– emails – do you need to set up an out of office auto reply so that when your feeling a better you can answer everything with a clear head.

-posting/packaging – if orders need to be filled can someone help you out and get stuff into the post box for you? Suggest stocking up on Express Post bags to help you through the sick period.

– phone – one of the worst sounds is the sound of someone coughing down the phone. If you are all stuffed up and sound ick then let the voice mail pick up and get back to it when you can speak clearly

Once the main things in your business are taken care of have a rest and get better. Forcing yourself to continue working while sick will only make the sickness last longer. Look after yourself your business needs you!


2 responses to “Working from home – staying healthy

  1. A home business is very rewarding but do not make the mistake that it is all fun and games. This business is just like any other, for the amount of hard work you put into it the gains will weight out, but if you do not work at it then it will surely fall by the way side.

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