Business or no business?

I’ve been thinking about this topic alot lately. Often people will say to me things like

‘I’m lacking a creative outlet in my life”

“I want to do more than my day job”

” I really love to sew and create but wonder if I should do more with it?”

During the following conversation these types of comments then tend to come up

“I earn a great income and mostly enjoy my job but just want to create”

“I don’t want to deal with the money side of the business”

“Can’t I just pay someone to build my site, go sell for me, do all the money side of things and for PR?”

Now mostly I am polite and give people as much help as I can but often what I really want to say is ‘do you really want a business or do you just want to create/sew/draw/design and feel you need to justify it by calling it a business?”.

Because let’s face it, having a business is not for everyone. Some people don’t have time, others have demanding day jobs they need to keep to pay the bills and some well they really just don’t like the ‘business’ part of having a business.

And you know what? It’s ok to be creative and not to have a business. As adults I think we like to justify spending time on ourselves and for some people they don’t allow themselves the sheer joy of creating for the sake of it. Perhaps they feel like it is selfish or they’ve spent so long being told ‘you can’t make money from that” that they have stopped being creative because there was no “point“.

So if your trying to decide if you should start your own label I’d like to ask you to consider

– do you really want to run a business?

– do you have the time and resources to run a business?

– would you be equally as happy if you just set aside a few hours a week to sew, draw, paint, create in some way?

The answers might surprise you but none of the answers are wrong. Do what makes you happy and if being creative and having a business makes you happy then Bravo! but if you’re happy to work a day job and make a stunning new outfit every Sunday afternoon instead well then Bravo! too.


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