Not quite working from home

Not everyone is working from home full time you might also be juggling a full time job.

If that is you then start taking advantage of all the time you have available to you. Lunchtime, the commute to and from work on public transport the half an hour you normally hit the snooze button in the morning.

All of this time is precious you can use it to check your emails, write a list of things you need to get through for the week, write a post for the blog of your label. Much of having a small business is taking care of the little jobs. So everytime you can take advantage of the wait for the train, a flight or even while you’re waiting at the doctors.

So be prepared carry a note pad and pen or a diary or a phone or even a laptop. Whatever your preferred method keep it with you at all times. And because we’re trying to use this time to get more organized this is not the time to be using random scraps of paper or the back of a bus ticket. Get yourself a way of recording all these things and stick at it. Learning to be organised and on top of all the details will make you a better business person.

Oh and just so you know I’m writing this while in the waiting room of the x Ray place as they are running late and I had time to kill. So yes being prepared and organised works.


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