Working from home – timesavers

Everyone dreams about working from home. “You can work in your pyjamas!” Is a comment I often hear. Thing is working from home is actually hard. You somehow seem to end up with less time than you did before?

Here is one thing I have found which makes working from home a little bit easier and a huge time saver.

I try not to grocery shop during ‘work’ hours. I use my work hours for just that work! Just because I can work from home does not mean I am on constant holidays. On the other hand I really enjoy my weekends so I don’t want to spend them cooped up inside a grocery store.

My solution online grocery shopping.

Coles, Woolworths and others all make online shopping a breeze and with a delivery price less than the cost of parking, taxi fare or even public transport it is economical too.

The first online grocery shop will take you a bit of time to set up as you navigate the online aisles but once you have done it the first time then your goods stay in the master list. Next time you can just shop from that and add in some extras.

I’ve found I can now do the whole grocery shopping in less than 15 minutes. Which leaves more time for me to get work done during the week and more time for me on the weekends….though a trip to the farmers markets to fill the bike basket with special items is always a nice treat.


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