Working from home – why having a business is like having a pet

I was thinking about what to write today, as I was getting ready for work. My morning went something like

Cat stomps all over me wakes me up

Cat settles down to sleep now I am completely awake

Alarm goes off, cat does not want to move off me so I hit snooze button.

Alarm goes off again, move cat who starts miaowing incessentanly until I’m up, in the kitchen and feeding her, she doesn’t like food choice continues to make noise.

Get changed put on kettle for tea and start getting breakfast ready, cat still making noise.

Feed cat dry food, momentary silence but forget about making cup of tea.

Eat breakfast while cat tries to sit on lap and upset cereal bowl.

Do teeth and hair while cat starts making noise again.

Empty cat litter, cat uses litter, empty litter again.

Sit down to work tired and hungry while cat sleeps quietly on the bed.

Having a business is much like having a pet. It requires constant care and attention and no matter how much we’re trying to sort out other parts of our lives it is always there.

Trying to find that work/life balance is hard. You need to set aside times to get certain tasks done so that the entire day is not filled with interruptions. Simple things like no house cleaning during ‘work’ hours. Don’t answer work emails after a certain time at night.

Much like my cat your business can intrude into your life and your life into your business. Define times when you’re in business mode or house mode.

I’m starting tonight by putting the cat bed into the bathroom so I can get uninterrupted sleep.

What are you going to do today to help achieve a better balance?


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