What this blog is all about

A blog can be many things, a diary, and a way of telling news, even telling a story chapter by chapter.

This ‘Starting your own fashion or tshirt label” blog will be dedicated to giving information on how to get you started and help you along the way to being established.

There are a few ways you can up to date with everything that happens here

– check on the site every day

– check once a week and read all the previous posts for the week

– download an RSS reader like net news wire it is free and once you have it installed you can then click the RSS feed button up the top right hand corner of this blog and it will add it to your reader. Then each time a new post is put up it goes directly into there.

No matter how you choose to keep in touch make sure you do as there is a great amount of information we’ve got to share with you.

Also there is a function so you can add comments to any of the posts written. If you’ve got something to add or extra questions to ask then add a comment. The more you interact and ask for the information you want the better we can give you what it is you need to run your business.


2 responses to “What this blog is all about

  1. Fantastic, I’m looking forward to reading your posts. Just what I have been waiting for.

  2. nice one Susan, I was on your last course. Been looking forward to this.

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